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Frequently Asked Questions For The Counseling Center At Duluth

The Counseling Center provides thorough substance use treatments in Duluth. When you come to our clean, modern facility, you’ll have access to the care you need to boost your recovery. We’ll help you deal with daily life without leaning on drugs or alcohol.

Prior to your arrival, take a moment to read our Duluth intensive outpatient FAQs. You’ll see answers to a good deal of your questions here. In the event you still need information about something, call 470-444-4194 at any hour for help.

No, IOP will not involve detox or inpatient rehab treatment. If you are uncertain if you require one of these options in advance of pursuing outpatient care at The Counseling Center, you can place a call to 470-444-4194. A staff member will answer you promptly and consult with you on finding the care you require at another facility.

Outpatient and inpatient treatments are different phases of care. At inpatient treatment, you stay in a facility away from home with access to staff on a 24-hour basis. Inpatient care offers you a safe environment to get away from outside influences and obtain ongoing aid while you detox or recover from alcohol or drugs or are in danger of suffering a relapse when in rehab.

Outpatient treatment is sensible if you have progressed to a level in your recovery where you don’t require constant monitoring or medical support. Outpatient choices help you maintain sobriety with support groups and therapy while letting you attend to your everyday obligations. You can attend treatment various days every week but return home after therapy as you keep working towards enduring sobriety.

The Counseling Center Duluth is non-denominational. Although we feel that your personal religious and spiritual beliefs can play a part in drug and alcohol use recovery, we do not base our treatment on any religious doctrine.

We feel the 12-step approach to counseling is beneficial for quite a few people. Our facility employs some principles of 12-step programs, such as a focus on group therapy in our care. We even host 12-step meetings at our location, and many of individuals in our care participate in these. However, our priority is to always provide custom-tailored treatment for your exact needs.

The first action to take in getting drug and alcohol therapy in Duluth is to contact us at 470-444-4194 to arrange an appointment for an evaluation. This meeting will allow us to comprehend your medical history and the status of your drug or alcohol use recovery. With that information, we are able to craft a personalized care plan and arrange the types of therapy that will help you the most.

Your assessment consists of:


  • An interview process 
  • Questionnaires 
  • Examination of your medical history 
  • Psycho-social evaluations 
  • Breath and/or urine testing


The results and your candid feedback will help us create the most suitable treatment plan for you.

Would you like more information about The Counseling Center Duluth? Need help getting drug or alcohol use treatment? We are here for you. Contact 470-444-4194 or submit the form on this page and receive a prompt reply from one of our representatives. Get the help you need today.

Our intensive outpatient program (IOP) is designed for patients who require additional support for addiction recovery. Different from residential rehab programs, you’re able to return home after attending therapy at our outpatient center. This intensive schedule allows you to handle your regular responsibilities while still getting treatment drug or alcohol use.

The abundance of individuals who begin IOP here have previously finalized detox and inpatient rehab. At this point, they are prepared to examine issues more thoroughly through therapy to address the mental side of substance use. The Counseling Center Duluth offers several types of intensive outpatient care based on your stage of recovery. After a medical evaluation, we design a customized treatment plan specific to your needs. At this point, you’ll start going to a range of therapy appointments weekly administered by our certified counselors. In therapy, you’ll discover how to adjust to life without alcohol or drugs and how to manage any issues that contributed to substance use in the first place.

There isn’t a set answer to this because everyone has distinct recovery targets and advances through our substance use with a personalized schedule. Quite a few patients attend treatment for eight weeks while others maintain their treatment for three or more years. And, naturally, you are free to return whenever you need to.

We greatly recommend family engagement in therapy, and even offer family therapy sessions each week. Our specialized family counselors will help you and your loved ones:


  • Gain a better understanding of substance use
  • Manage the strain of substance use recovery 
  • Enhance communication between family members 
  • Find solutions to conflicts 
  • Detect co-dependency habits 
  • Regain trust 
  • Find how to support one another


Your family may want to start by joining us for a family education meeting. These discussions are held each Wednesday evening and give families helpful tips about how to support someone you care about in drug or alcohol recovery.

Since we focus our treatments to each individual we care for, The Counseling Center At Duluth employs several therapy techniques to fit each person’s specific needs. With that being so, almost all individuals go to a blend of individual, family, and group therapy.

All therapy is directed by certified clinicians who are ready to serve you. Throughout treatment, you may discuss topics like: 

  • Post-acute withdrawal syndrome · How to avoid relapse 
  • The benefits of 12-Step programs during recovery 
  • How families can cope during addiction recovery


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Would you like more information about The Counseling Center At Duluth? Need help getting drug or alcohol use treatment? We are here for you. Contact 470-444-4194 or submit the form on this page and receive a prompt reply from one of our representatives. Get the help you need today.