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Individual Counseling Near Duluth

Individual counseling is vital for dealing with the underlying root causes of addiction. Our professionals at The Counseling Center aim to offer individualized , understanding individual therapy sessions near Duluth that address your difficulties and help you meet your life’s goals to live happier and healthier. Call 470-444-4194 today if you need treatment to overcome addiction.

People We Support With Individual Therapy Near Duluth

The Counseling Center is an outpatient center that cares for adults and adolescents aged 14+. We provide personalized counseling for individuals who need specialized treatment for alcohol and drug use recovery but are at a point where they can reside at home without 24/7 care. Reach out to us at 470-444-4194 anytime to find assistance for: 

  • Drug use disorders
  • Alcohol use disorder

Individual Counseling Is A Vital Component Of Addiction Recovery

After completing detox and inpatient rehab programs for alcohol or drug use, you still are entitled to expert support to assist your recovery. Trust the professionals at The Counseling Center for individual counseling near Duluth. As part of our outpatient substance use services, we’ll pair you with an accredited therapist who is well aware of the particular mental health difficulties of addiction and recovery. Working one-on-one in a judgment-free environment, you’ll have the chance to 

  • Recognize the core causes of your addiction, such as co-occuring trauma
  • Work through the unpleasant feelings that led to your alcohol or drug use
  • Find suitable methods to cope with stressful situations and negative emotions without addictive substances
  • Practice techniques for circumventing triggers of alcohol and drug use 
  • Learn productive habits you’ll need for long-term recovery 

Ultimately, our objective in individual counseling is to give you the techniques to ward off relapse and maintain long-lasting sobriety.

What To Plan For During Individual Therapy At The Counseling Center At Duluth

The unique requirements of our patients are always a top consideration in what we do at The Counseling Center. To best accommodate your needs, we personalize treatment for each individual, and that includes our individual counseling near Duluth. You may reach us at 470-444-4194 day or night to get more information about our services and schedule an in-office or telehealth appointment.

At your opening appointment, we’ll conduct a personal evaluation to grasp why you are here and what types of care make sense for you. Then we will create a personalized treatment plan for you with the information we ascertain. The majority of our patients receive individual therapy as a component of their care.

The regularity of and the approaches employed in your therapy will be contingent on your particular needs. You could experience therapy twice a month or once a week for maintenance or every weekday if you would benefit from more IOP services. Our professionals are also proficient in different types of counseling that have been demonstrated to help boost mental health and prompt change. Your therapy appointments might include a blend of:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to explore how to deal with negative behavioral and thinking patterns
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) to discover positive ways of handling distressing emotions
  • Trauma-informed therapy to see how traumatic occurrences have triggered your drug and alcohol use 
  • Motivational interviewing to spark motivation for changing bad habits and replacing them with beneficial ones

Individual therapy is vital for confronting addiction because it allows you to talk about your feelings with a trained clinician in a secure setting. Our therapists know about the stigmas of addiction and keep your discussions classified. We strive to make The Counseling Center a safe place so you can get the most from your treatment. Together, we can discover solutions for the obstacles that are preventing you from living your best life.

Find Individual Counseling Near Duluth Today

You deserve skilled, caring therapy addiction recovery. Call us at 470-444-4194 or submit the contact form on this page, and we’ll respond to assist you right away. We answer no matter the day or time. We are here to start your treatment now.